Where can I start! Dr. Posner is AWESOME! I am a first time dog owner and am a little neurotic to say the least! When I brought Shay home at 8 weeks old, I had absolutely no idea what to do or where to start. Dr. Posner was there from the beginning with not only the obvious initial medical care (shots etc.) but more importantly with patience, advice, training and hands on help. He always makes himself available…at all hours of the day/night…answering questions/ concerns AND not hesitating to make a house call to make sure everything is ok! Shay loves him as evidence by her kisses! He is more than just a veterinarian. He absolutely loves what he does and truly cares about you AND your pet! His kindness and compassion shines through! Shay is 7 months old now. I am a confident pet owner. I feel self-assured that I am in superior hands with Dr. Posner as my vet!!

My Ferret was sick with diarrhea for the past week. I called Dr.Posner on a Sunday, within 45 minutes he came over and treated my baby. He was amazing and I was surprised how reasonable the prices were.

– Deb

Delray Beach I came home from work at 5PM.My cat had urinated all over my house.I called MobileVet2U.Doc Posner showed up and determined my cat had a urinary tract infection.He gave him some injections and gave me some liquid antibiotics.Within a day, my cat stopped this behavior. Thanks Doc you were great!

– Jason, Coconut Creek

At 9PM on a Sunday, i was in a panic because my cat started sneezing and coughing. By 9:30 Dr. Posner showed up, treated my cat and gave me some great advice on the problems i have with my 3 other cats.

– Richard

I have called Dr.Posner on the phone several times. He answers the phone, takes time to talk to me, explains things and even called in a prescription for my dog. He is the best.

– Stras, Lake Worth

I have small mini schnauzer, Bailey. I noticed a small growth on his head. I was in a panic.I called Michael.He came to my house, made a tentative diagnosis of a mast cell tumor. He sedated my dog removed the tumor,sent it out for biopsy. The biopsy came back benign, correct diagnosis. He came back in 10 days, took the staples out, it healed perfectly. I was so impressed by the fact he did this all on my kitchen counter. I was able to watch the procedure and I was there for Bailey as he was waking up.I would recommend him to anyone with a pet that has a problem. I tell all my friends how wonderful and he even called the next day to see how he was doing. Try and get your MD to call you back, or make a housecall.

– Marcia, Boca Raton/Syosset

Dr. Posner is a wonderful and caring vet! Despite not knowing me or my cat, he was available to talk about Cali’s condition and actually called me again at midnight to make sure my cat’s condition was improving. My cat hates getting into her carrier and going to the vet, so it is much easier on both of us to have Dr. Posner come to our apartment. I would recommend him to anyone who considers their pet to be a member of the family.

Despite having never cared for our cats before, Dr. Posner responded 10 pm on a Sunday to our call. He was out out to our hour in 25 minutes, treated and upper respiratory infection that 1 of my 12 cats developed. He was a life saver! I was worried it would go thru all my cats. Dr Posner gave me great medical advice. He went out of his way to care for our cats when he could have just passed them off and forgotten about us.Plus i was shocked that he even called several times after to follow up on all our cats. He convinced me that he cares and that it wasn’t about the money. I have recommended him to all my pet owner friends.

– DS Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Posner-came to see our dog 4x to treat him for mange. He even came out 2x when we didn’t have the money to pay him. He said it was more important to keep champ healthy and continue the treatment than to wait until we had the money. I was amazed, he left me an envelope and said whenever we got the monet we could just mail it in. My husband and i were in shock that there are people out there that really care. Thank you, and champ thanks you!

– EW Lake Worth

Google Reviews

I am embarrassed to admit that I have not reviewed Dr. Mike & his staff until now. As a local business person myself, I know how important a good reputation is. Mike has been there for us over the years with our 3 pets. He is professional as he should be, but he is also personally kind, caring and an all around good guy.

We often speak about multiple topics in our visits as well, and he’s an all around well rounded guy with a great family too.

Sadly, we had to let our dear doggy, Kinglsey go yesterday, and however hard this sort of thing is, Mike was kind and compassionate. You’ll like his staff too. They’re just generally nice people. One would have to be in this sort of work I suppose.

Please go see Dr. Mike at either of his locations. He’s also very reasonable and kind when it comes to the bill too. He gets it.

As my wife said just yesterday, “He’s the best veterinarian I’ve ever known.”

Much love.
– Real Buddy Boca

Being new Dog owners, the Doctor and Staff spent a great deal of time with us explaining what we have to do to keep out pet safe. We were very please with the experience in this office visit. If you see typooooos in this message it is because our dog decided t get her two sense in also. Again thank you and we will see you on Monday nest week.
– Alfred Carl Mindlin

These guys are awesome. Couldn’t ask for a better Vet. They love my babies. Just great!!
– Paul Floyd

Dr. Posner was gentle and kind with our dog Joey. We felt he was in good hands during the entire visit. We highly recommend West Ave Hospital to any pet owner!
– John Puls

Wow BEST VET around!!! And the staff is amazing! Doc cares about the animals soo much it’s amazing! I have 2 dogs and 1 has alot of issues but having doc on my side makes my life much easier!! Thank you guys!! Jiya also thanks you guys!!
– Mike P

Dr. Posner safed my dogs live. i went to so many different once. He is the real Deal. He is my Angel when i needed him the most. i will be forever thankfull for what he did for me and my dog. If u care for your pet you should not think twice and take your pet to Dr. Posner. He is loving careing and an amazing Vet and has an outstanding big heart. he loves what he does and u can feel it … my dog loves going there. the whole Staff is amazing friendly and so helpful.
i love you all.
– Sandra Freed

Doctor Posner is great!!! We have 3 dogs and he always goes above and beyond to make sure they are okay. He is upfront and friendly! He will come in after hours to be there when we need him! He makes me feel okay while he is treating the dogs and is 100% there for all our needs! I would give him 6 stars if I could! Best vet around!
– Taylor Buczynski

Doctor Posner is the best vet my dog and I have been to. My pup is very shy and he was wonderful with her. This is a very skilled and kind practice.
– Pamela Tatti

A If you need a caring and super-competent veterinarian that won’t Rip you off, and be there whenever you need him, Dr. Michael Posner is the one. We’ve been with him for years.
– M Jones

Dr.Posner goes above and beyond any vet I have ever seen. He has the animals best interest at heart, no matter what. Being a mom to 4 Great Danes,1 English Bulldog and 5 cats, plus the numerous animals we have had in the past and the rescues. Dr. Posner has always taking care of them as if they were his own. The staff and hospital is first rate. I would highly recommend West Ave Animal Hospital.
– D Henk

Dr. Posner has always been great with our puppies. We have a 9 year old English Bulldog and a 9 month old French. They get great care and we feel lucky to have Dr. Posner “on call” and close by. House calls are great in an emergency and he has a great clinic and staff for routine visits. We just had our Frenchie neutered and we was bouncing around in no time.
I had to put my 14 year old Pug down in the last year and he was wonderful with her and so kind and considerate to me during a terrible time.
– Nicole Pasqual

Dr. Posner has been our 10-year old King Charles Cavalier’s doctor for the past two years. He is extraordinary responsive and explains things in a manner that regular people understand. Our dog has a level 3 heart murmur, and when first discovered we had to go to 3-4 different places for initial consult, bloodwork, ultrasounds, drugs (tried 3 different online stores), etc. Dr. Posner has everything needed on hand to handle everything from regular shots to complicated surgery/dental to drugs (at fair prices!). I highly recommend, with no reservations.
– Henoch Senbetta

Facebook Reviews

Best vet ever!. For ten years now Dr. Posner has been helping me with my special needs German Shepherd rescues. How amazing is it when you have a 90 pound dog who can’t walk and your vet comes to the house? Incredible, integrity driven care and it’s all about what’s best for the animal.
– Heidi Elden

I have been seeing Dr. Posner since I bought my Shihpoo. He is an excellent veterinarian. He never makes feel rushed. The staff are all excellent and caring. Dr Posner spade my puppy and also removed her puppy teeth when they were not coming out. I trust him explicitly.
The thing that impressed me the most was when my puppy was ill. I called the office expecting a recording telling me to go to an emergency night hospital and Dr. Posner answered at 10PM and told me what to do until I could bring her in the next day. Awesome service.
– Art Mahon

How do you review a veterinarian and his staff that have more heart than any place I’ve ever been. The professionalism and love is incredible. Doctor posner and staff have always treated me and my dog With a ridiculous amount of compassion and love.
– Dru London

I found Dr. Posner’s animal hospital a few month ago for my furbabies yearly shots and was very happy about how the staff was then.
Now I had to return for a more serious matter. Dr. Posner and his staff all have a heart of gold and he saved my 16 year old cat for sure.
I actually took a different one in for the fear of her catching a virus from the sick one but he ended up saving my other cat! Thanks to his fast thinking and knowledge, she is alive and getting better.
He goes above and beyond his duties and normal opening hours to take care for all the sick babies. I am very grateful and so lucky I found him. Both locations are easy to get too and everybody makes you feel welcome!
Thank you again for saving my Baby Dr. Posner!!
– Patricia Breitenbach

This is the most caring professional animal hospital I have been to in a long time! The doctor and staff are fantastic! I won’t go anywhere else now that I have been to this facility! Thank you for caring for my sweet dog and helping through a difficult time!
– Patricia Anderson Telford

What an amazing place! Dr. Posner is an intelligent, kind-hearted, soul. He truly loves his profession, and it shows. We are very lucky to have him be our pets’ doctor.
– Jennifer Horvath

Maya our small dog was sick. When we arrived to West Ave Animal Hospital the staff were very helpful and caring. Doctor Posner is an excellent VET. He took really good care of her. We are very thankful for everything that they did for our dog.
– Teresa Ortiz

Everyone is so nice and Dr. Posner is wonderful! I’ve been looking for a vet since we moved from Broward and after several visits to other vets we have finally found “the One”.
– Lorraine A Giani-Ruggiero

Took my kitty, Jack, here yesterday because he had a wound on his chest. I called West Ave and they got me in within a few hours! Once I got there they directed me to a room and the doctor(Dr. Q) showed up within 5 minutes. No waiting around and dillydallying! The tech and doctor were so friendly and jack loved them! They gave him a check up, some antibiotics, and trimmed his nails. They were very well priced and it’s such a homey feeling vet office. Coming from a cautious cat mom, I loved this vet. Will definitely be bringing all my kitties here. � Thank you West Ave Animal Hospital!
– Jessica Salokar

Love this Animal Hospital!!! They are all great and very compassionate!! The care is superior and they call you to check up on your animals.
– Deeanne Jessica

We found a 6-8 week old very skinny kitten on the side of a busy road on Monday afternoon. We came in to West Ave Animal Hospital in their new Boynton Beach location for the very first time late in the afternoon with the kitten. We met Dr. Maxaner and a vet tech Brenda. They were both so very nice and caring….answering all of my many questions. They didn’t charge me for unnecessary things and just the basics that my kitten needed at the time. The prices were reasonable. I will be taking my kitten and my other cat here from now on. I highly recommend them.
– Jill Wenig Guadagna

Had my first experience with Dr. Posner today and i definitely will be coming back to him. He explaines everything very well and really took time with your pet. I did not have an appointment and i just called and explained what was going on so he told me to come in as soon as possible.
Best Veterinarian in Delray Beach.
– Olga Meneses

Dr. Posner has been my vet for almost 9 years. He is the most caring, intelligent ,gentle Vet i have ever known. Most of all he is not looking to charge for things you don’t need. Use him, it will be one of the best decisions you ever made for your beloved pet.
– Geri Melnick

Perlis (my mom dog) was half paralyzed and before Dr. Posner saw her, we thought we had to let her go :(, the previous vet charged us with a ridiculous amount of money and said she will never walk. We met Dr. Posner and he cured her. He is honest and do not abuse like others, he cares and loves what he does. That’s the reason I don’t care drive far, because I trust him. Thanks DOC.
– Lily Koudy